The Stories: understanding the dream



“Pursuing a higher education will serve many of my life’s goals; to become a doctor, to provide a positive role model for my younger siblings, and to create a better life for myself. My goals in life require me to go to college and I am eager to accomplish my goals. I want to show [my siblings] that no obstacle can stop determination and hard work. I am the first person in my family to go to college.”


“Throughout my life I have seen my parents struggle to make sure our family has what we need. My parents have worked laboring jobs that leave them no rest…I assured myself that I would do something to get myself a better life. Receiving a higher education means that I can receive a degree in my desired field of engineering. With this opportunity, I know that I can get the degree, and thereafter, start a career as an engineer.”


“I will be the first [high school] graduate in my family. My deepest goal is to change the history of women in my culture, by proving to the world that we are worth more than we are given credit for and that all men and women are created equal…I know I have the potential to succeed in anything I try if I only put my mind into it, because I am a warrior when it comes to what I want.”


“…attending college allows me to be one step closer to reaching my ultimate goal of becoming a [Civil Defense] attorney…I desire to be a role model for DISD students. I want to show that success stories do come out of our district despite how DISD is often portrayed in the media. I would like to create a mentoring program that allows sophomores to partner with other successful DISD alumni. This program will provide a structure for guiding a student through the college preparation process. Some people have called my goals simple dreams, but Carl Sandburg said it best, “ Nothing happens unless we dream first”.”


“My goal in life is to rewrite history books and alter the perception of the African-American male. I aspire to be a renaissance man by acquiring as much knowledge as possible. I plan to major in a business, law or communicative field. With my degree, I plan to attend law school to further my intellect, so I can become a prestigious divider of the law.”


"My grandparents have cared for me all my life…They do all they can and want me to go to college, but they simply cannot afford to pay my way…My goals are to graduate with a degree in Business Management and become a Sports Agent…I will strongly attempt to achieve my goals so I can better myself for the future.”